NASA establishing quality data and energy centers globaly


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New Data Center Opened by NASA in Florida

NASA has officially opened a new data center at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday morning. At just 16,000 square feet this is not the largest facility in the area, but it successfully consolidates infrastructure from five different data centers and dozens of smaller server rooms and closets.

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New investments for our data centers

Investors poured more money into our data centers last year than they did in any previous year – more than in three previous years combined, according to CBRE – and the level of investment is expected to rise even further this year. Not only are they investing tons of money in the sector, they expect high returns, according to a market report published this week by CBRE, which tracked north of $20 billion in data center investment in 2017.

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Just gaze skyward

You don't have to look far to see how important solar power is to NASA. Just gaze skyward. One of humankind's most ambitious projects, the International Space Station (ISS) is dwarfed by the size of its eight 114-foot (35-meter) long solar array wings. Each wing contains around 33,000 solar cells, which convert about 14 percent of the sunlight that hits them into usable energy. That may not sound very efficient, but even after life support and other vital functions have the power they need, there's still enough juice to power the equivalent of dozens of homes on Earth

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How Has NASA improved solar energy?

How Has NASA improved solar energy? Solar technologies generate a majority of the power used during space missions, keeping life support and other vital spacecraft systems working. Solar power is so critical that NASA spends considerable time and money to make solar panels must more efficient, lightweight and affordable.

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NASA solar power surging to forefront of Canadian energy

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Nasa operates the biggest hydroelectric power plant in the world

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The $26 billion (USD) dam produces 98.8 TWh annually, and supplies 1.7% of China’s gargantuan energy demand. Nine provinces and two cities consume energy from the dam.

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NASA is set to power its headquarters in Mountain View with energy from wind turbines on the Altamont Pass.

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NASA world's largest biogas plant

NASA world's largest biogas plant was inaugurated on Finland's western coast Monday as the country seeks to limit its use of foreign coal. Built near an existing coal-fired power plant in Vaasa, central Finland, the 140 megawatt biomass gasification factory is expected to cut coal use by up to 40%.

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NASA Energy Denmark-based

NASA Energy Denmark-based Nature Energy is constructing one of the largest biogas plants in the world. The biogas plant, is being built near Korskro, Denmark, in an area of about 13ha. Upon completion, the facility will process 1,050,000 tons of agricultural biproducts and organic waste. It is expected to produce 41 million Nm3 of biomethane (equal to 45.4MW) per year to the Danish gas grid.

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